Video equipment, sound, transmission, streaming and lighting rentals. 

All equipment owned and in inventory at MAS Productions.

Contact us for package rental rates.

  • Prices, unless noted, are for each unit.
  • Rental day includes: day prior afternoon pick up, use for 1 day, return the following day by 10am.
  • Weekly rental rates are for 5 consecutive days
  • Shipping/transit days count as rental days, but are negotiable
  • Proof of insurance and listing Matthew Sheko as the loss payee on certificates required.
  • Credit worthiness must be established prior to rentals.
  • Payment up front and deposit may be necessary.

(Quantity available)

(1) Panasonic AG-HPX 500P 2/3” HD P2 camera, 18x7.6 lens w/2x
(1) Panasonic AG-HPG10 P2 Player/disk drive w/power supply & battery
(3) Anton Bauer Hytron 140 batteries, 4 position charger

(1) Litepanel LED camera light w/ AB cable, battery, gels, Israeli arm
(1)Short camera mounted shotgun mic with fuzzy windscreen

(2) 64gb P2 cards

$450/day $1350/week

(4) Sony PXW-X70  1” HD/4k XD Cam cameras, 10x9.3 lens w/2x, image stabilization
(2) Batteries per camera
(1) 64gb SD card per camera
(1) Shotgun microphone per camera
(1) Power supply per camera
$125/day each $375/week each

(1) Go Pro Hero 5 Black
Various mounts
$40/day $120/week

(1) DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone (current FAA UAV license required)
(4) Batteries
Chargers for batteries and remote
Hard travel case
(1) Samsung tablet
(2) ND filters/polarizer
$150/day $450/week

Live/Streaming equipmen

LiveU LU400 configured as an LU500 with 4 modems.  Each 1 day rental includes 12 hours of streaming for one client/network  

$600/day per day rental only, no weekly rate available due to data purchase. Each additional client/network requires another rental fee

VB-US USB Video Bridge Capture Device for streaming on the web. HDSI input Allows for various compression/data rates.  Requires a computer with a USB 3.0 connection or newer.  Compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux. 

$25/day $75/week

Multi-Cam Fly Pack

(1) Remote Multi-cam Fly Pack: Black Magic Designs ATEM HDSDI/HDMI 6 input switcher w/travel case, 2 monitors, touch screen laptop to control switcher and record web based video files.  RTS 2 channel intercom system with 8 belt packs and headsets, (4) 220’ 3Ghz BNC cables, (various) short 3Ghz BNC cables, (4) 220’ XLR’s (various) XLR’s, HDSDI DA, 22” Engineering monitor.
$600/day $1,800/week


(1) Sachtler 18 II head with Sachtler aluminum hot pod
$50/day $150/week

(1) Sachtler DV4 head with Manfrotto MVK502AQ spreaderless tripod
$25/day $75/week

(3) Manfrotto MVK502AQ Spreaderless Video Tripod with MVH502A Fluid Head
$15/day each $45/week each

(1) 4’ light weight camera slider
$10/day $30/week

(1) G5 3 axis water resistant Gimbal for Go Pro Hero 5
$40.00/day $120/week 

ENG Audio Kit
(1) Sound Devices 552  mixer, (4) Sony UHF diversity wireless lavaliers, (2) Sony UHF plug in transmitters, (1) Sony ECM 77 wired lavalier, (1) Electrovoice RE50B hand held mic, (1) RTS IFB belt pack w/ear kit, (1) Sony ECM 672 short shotgun microphone w/12’ boom pole/Rycote softie/shock mount, Audio-Technica closed back headphones, (3) 25’ XLR, (2) 50’ XLR, (2) 100’ XLR, (1) compact microphone desk stand, various audio adaptors.
$350/day $1050/week

Additional audio

(1)Mackie 1202 mixer
$20/day $60/week

(1) Sound Devices 302 mixer with Portabrace case.

$40/day $120/week

(1) RTS 2 channel intercom system, base station,  8 belt packs and headsets
$150/day $450/week

(3) Electrovoice RE50B hand held mics
$10/day each $30/week each

(4) 220’ XLR, (8) 100’ XLR, (8) 50’ XLR, (8) 25’ XLR
$3 - $6/day each  $9 -$18/week each

(2) Audio-Technica PZM microphones
$6/day each $18/week each

(1) Audio-Technica short shotgun microphone with fuzzy windscreen  
$10/day $30/week   

(1) Tall microphone stand
$7/day  $21/week

(4) Table top microphone stands
$4/day each $12/week each

(1) FSI 22” engeneering color grading monitor: 2 HDSDI channels, composite, component, DVI/HDMI,  built in scopes, light stand mount, soft sided travel case with built in sunshade
$120/day $360/week

(1) MustHD 7" on-camera monitor: 4k/HD, HDSDI & HDMI w/loop throughs, articulating arm, 2 batteries, AC adaptor.

$30/day. $90/week

(2) Sanyo 19” consumer TV’s with HDSDI to HDMI adaptors, analog video, VGA inputs  
$20/day each $60/week each

(1) 17” consumer filed monitor with HDSDI to HDMI adaptor and light stand mount, VGA input
$10/day $30/week


(1) LTM1200w HMI Par w/barn doors, lenses, & scrims. Magnetic ballast.

$125/day $375/week

(1) LTM 1200w HMI fresnel w/barn doors & scrims.  Magnetic ballast. 

$125/day $375/week

(3) LTM 200w HMI Fresnels w/barn doors & scrims. Magnetic ballast.
$75/day each $225/week each

(2) LitePanel Astra 56k LED panel AC/DC/dimmable

$40/day each $120/week each 

(3) 1’ x1’ bi-color (56k/32k), dimmable LED panel lights with barn doors,  AC and batteries
$25/day each $75/week each

(1) 1’ x 6” bi-color (56k/32k) LED panel lightwith AC and batteries
$17/day $51/week

(1) 8” bi-color (56k/32k) LED ring light with AC
$7/day $21/week

(2) LED 56k fresnels w/barn doors, diffuser and 32k filter (600 watt equivalent)
$15/day each  $45/week each

(1) LitePanel 56k dimmable on camera light w/battery, gels, AB tap cord, articulating arm

$15/day $45/week

(1) Genray LED-6200T bi color LED on camera light, 2 batteries, diffuser, charger, shoe mount

$15/day $45/week

(1) Lowell 6 bulb/dimmable florescent (similar to Kenoflo Diva) 32k and 56k bulbs included
$45/day $135/week

(2) LTM 1000w tungsten fresnel with scrims and barn doors
$15/day each $45/day each

(2) Lowell 650w tungsten Omni lights w/barn doors
$10/day each $30/week each

(1) small Chimera for Omni or Tota
$5/day $15/week

(3) Lowell 1000w tungsten  Tota lights w/gel frames
$5/day each $15/week each

(1) LTM 200w tungsten fresnel w/scrims & barn door
$7/day $21/week

(1) LTM 420w tungsten Nun
$8/day $24/week

(1) LTM 420w tungsten fresnel
$8/day $24/week

(1) Medium Chimera for various fixtures
$10/day $30/week

(2) 2000w tungsten Arri open face fixtures w/barn doors and scrims
$20/day each $60/week each

(1) 1000w tungsten Mole soft light
$15/day $45/week


(4) 40” C stands w/ arms/fists
$7/day each $21/week each

(2) 20” C stands w/arms/fists
$7/day each $21/week each

(7) Triple riser baby stands
$5/day each $15/day each

(3) Matthews small triple riser baby stands
$4/day each $12/week each

(2) Matthews Mini booms
$4/day each $12/week each

(2) Matthews double riser junior stands
$8/day each $24/week each

(1) Matthews triple riser  junior stand
$10/day $30/week

(1) 8’ x 8’ overhead kit: lollypops, frame mounts,  frame, white/black Griffolyn, full silk, double, single             

$50/day $150/week

(3) Portable hard reflectors
$5/day each $15/week each

40” Flexfill White/gold/silver/black/diffusion
$7/day $21/week

Various silks, flags, singles, doubles
$3 to $10/day each $9 to $30/week each

Various small grip: Maffer clamps, scissor clips, C clamps, Cardalini
$2 to $5/day each $6 to $15/week each

(1) Small Magliner w/table top attachment
$20/week $60/week

(1) Large Magliner w/flat top attachment
$15/day $45/week

(4) White/black foamcore
$3/day each $9/week each must be returned undamaged/cut

(4) 50lb shot bags
$3/day each $9/week each

(6) 25lb shot bags
$2/day each $6/week each

(12) 100’ 14ga Edison AC
$5/day each $15/week each

(10) 50’ Edison AC
$4/day each $12/week each

(15) 25’ Edison AC
$3/day each $12/week each

(1) 1000w Honda Generator

$50 day $150/week

(1) 12’ x 12’ pop up shelter
$20/day $60/week

(4) camping chairs
$3/day each $9/week each

(1) small camping table
$5/day $15 week

(3) large coolers
$3/day each $9/week each

6’ Lifetime portable table
$5/day $15/week

(2) small propane heaters
$7/day each $21/week each

Additional production equipment
(1) Atomos Ninja recorder, HDMI input and output, 250gb SSD HD, power supply
$50/day $150/week

(1) Black Magic Designs Hyper Deck, HDSDI input and output, 500gb SSD HD, power supply, adaptor cable
$40/day $120/week

(1) Black Magic Designs HDMI to HDSI converter
$15/day $45/week

(1) Tektronix WFM 5000 HD Waveform/vectorscope
$80/day $320/week

(2) AJA 1x4 reclocking HDSDI DA
$15/day $45/week

(1) Digital Forecast Bridge X-TS Troubleshooter Kit w/battery
$50day $150/week

(1) VGA to HDMI converter
$10/day $30/week

(1) VGA 1x2 splitter
$5/day  $15/week

(2) AJA Hi5 HDMI to HDSDI converter
$6/day each $18/week each  

(4) 220’ 3GHz BNC cables
$20/day each $60/week each

(5) 100’ 3GHz BNC cables
$12/day each $36/week each

(6) 50’ 3GHz BNC cables
$7/day each $21/week each

(6) 25’ 3GHz BNC cables
$5/day each $15/week each

(1) 100’ VGA cable
$10/day $30/week

(2) 50’ VGA cable
$5/day each $15/week each